Guest Speaking on Entrepreneurship

Recently in my third year of graphic design, we have been learning about entrepreneurship, and what it takes to be successful at it. We also had three guest speakers come in to talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs; a free lance graphic designer, a free lance graduate from our program, and a graphic designer who […]

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Rules of Professional Conduct #2

“I will ensure I receive compensation for graphic design services I provide except for pro-bono work.” This is another important rule to understand, that I have learned about in professional conduct. This rule basically means that as a graphic designer your time is worth money, and you should be paid for everything you do unless […]

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Rules of Professional Conduct

“I will act in the best interest of my clients and/or employers, within the limits of these Rules.” Recently in my Portfolio Practice class, we have been learning about the RGD rules of professional conduct. This rule I thought was particularly important, since it basically emphasizes how important it is to respect your relationship with […]

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