Why Graphic Design?

I’ve loved art my entire life. When I was little I was always drawing, and in high school I took any art class I could and got my High Skills Arts Major when I graduated. When thinking of what I could do with art as a career, the important thing I had to realize was that the world of arts is a competitive industry; I knew I didn’t want to be a freelance painter with an unreliable income. Graphic design seemed the most sensible route to take. You could work for a design firm and have a steady job, and basically its the best way to earn money by creating art. I knew that some people went into it and didn’t like it because they didn’t like being told what to do and wanted to create whatever their image was. However, I liked projects that gave you an idea of what to create, and limitations with it. I see graphic design as coming up with a visual solution to a clients problem. I loved projects that we’ve done in the program that gives you a target audience to cater to, or limitations. For some reason working with those things and coming up with a creative, visual solution that pleases the client also pleases me, and I have a passion for it. The best thing that drew me to graphic design was the fact that what you can design or what media you use is limitless, and it is all around us.

The link is an infographic video that sums up what graphic design is and what you work with when designing. Hope it inspires!

Video by Joe Flemming. For more animation from him check out his Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/dflizzle25?feature=watch


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