Design Matters


Design and writing are some of the best methods to inspire social change. I believe that all it takes is an image moving enough, or a certain phrase that strikes a nerve inside you, to inspire social change on a global scale. People often put the social issues that are happening around the world in the back of their head. But if an issue is presented with the right design, and the right words, people might actually stop and consider the issue, and maybe do something about it. The internet helps more then ever to inspire social change; photographs of whats happening and writing on social media helps spread awareness and inspire others to take action.

But its not all up to the posters and the blogs. Like what the above image says, it all starts with one individual. Everyone has it in themselves to make an impact on the world, no matter how small. We have to stop thinking of what other people do or think, and think of what we can do for the world out of our own hearts. If were able to act alone, then we can inspire social change together on a global scale.

The link below is a website called “Design Lab 360”, a design firm that works with “FHI 360”, which is one of the largest non-profit human development organizations. It designs for projects involving education, health, environment, and other global issues. They convey the organizations in a professional and economical manner that suits the subject, and plays a role in social change through its designs.



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