Design Around The World

I believe that design varies from culture to culture around the world. Each culture has its own unique way of designing things, and these traits in their work can easy be recognized. Different cultures may design for different purposes as well.

For example, I noticed that Russian design comes across as very propaganda-like and has an older 1930’s style to it. Russian designers seem to use bright colours, strong graphics, and very dominating text in their works. Japanese modern design uses softer colours and has a more abstract look.  I also notice a lot of French design is very modern, using abstract images and more withdrawn text.

Designs can also be very different in cultures depending on their purpose. Most American designs and European designs are meant to be visually appealing and usually convey a message or a business advertisement of some sort. But countries that have oppressive governments would have complete control as to what is designed and for what purpose. North Korea for example, uses very harsh propaganda to promote their government rule and aggressive nationalism, while also keeping viewers unaware of the outside world and other cultures.

Our designs may be different around the world, but I think that cultural differences in design bring something different to the table and creates variety.

Here are some different culture designs: Russian, Japanese, French, North Korean

images Unknown Unknown-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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