Have We Revealed Too Much?

An interesting topic that has come up in my writing class is the internet. We have discussed its evolution, how open it is, and how dangerous it’s becoming as well. A subject that really interested me was talking about jus how much we reveal on the internet. Although there are such things as cyber-stalkers and hackers now, it is still up to us what we put on the internet about ourselves. Are the consequences our fault? Are we revealing too much?

I believe that the answer to those questions are yes. We choose to have Facebook and twitter accounts. We choose to post pictures and videos of ourselves, and we choose to put our email and phone numbers out there as well. Basically, you have all you need on someone’s Facebook account to know who and where they are. Can we really be that surprised when strangers find us? How about when we post offensive things about someone, and that someone sees it, costing your friendship or even your job? Or when something embarrassing comes back to haunt you on your Facebook wall? For example, “neknominations” are a game where someone consumes alcohol in an extreme and dangerous matter, and then nominates friends to do it and posts the video online. This video will always float around on the internet, and if a potential employer ever saw this it would definitely hurt your chances in the professional world.

It seems our generation, and those especially after it, are becoming more naive about just how public their information is. We need to realize the internet was created to be open, and that we really shouldn’t be expecting privacy on something that is meant for the world to use and see.

Here’s an info graphic that summarizes privacy on social media:


One thought on “Have We Revealed Too Much?

  1. Haley I couldn’t agree with you more. We talk about Internet privacy as a right we should have, but realistically we choose to put information out into the open. We freely put personal information out about ourselves that, in the long run, may be detrimental to friendships and workplace environments. It’s funny you mention the neknominations because it is an example that people don’t really care about what’s on the Internet. It’s almost careless. Overall, I enjoyed reading this, and it’s interesting to consider for our rant assignment.

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