The Persuasion of Advertisement

As a designer, it’s important to understand what catches the eye in advertisement, and how visuals and typography work together to sell something. But what is it that sells something? What can make something so appealing that you need to buy it, or you need to rethink your ways? Today’s social media is always emphasizing one main fact: you are not good enough. Your appearance, your life, and what you have could be better; there is always something missing. I find that this constant flow of never being satisfied with your life is what drives an advertisement’s success, and what keeps the flow of buying new products and wanting to keep up with the trends.

An advertisement that I constantly fall for is the need to change your appearance, particularly makeup. When advertising, using the right image and font is key. For example, I recently spent $80 on an “Urban Decay” eyeshadow palette, which is supposedly a very good makeup brand. The name itself Urban Decay sounds alluring, and it uses a very classy, sophisticated font in all capitals. They also use the typical photoshopped model that has perfect eyes and skin. The model herself looks so beautiful, you could put any makeup brand on her and it would make you want to buy that makeup if it made you look as good as her. The font also helps portray the makeup as sophisticated, high-class, and expensive. The simple combination of a good image and font help advertise this so well, that it made me spend half my savings just so I could use this makeup to look better.

I find that today’s social media and advertisement is very depressing, and always makes you unsatisfied with yourself. With all this pressure to change and be better it’s hard to appreciate what you have, and its a vital thing to remember when designing something that is going to sell.



One thought on “The Persuasion of Advertisement

  1. I couldn’t have said this better myself. I find that make-up advertisements are the ones that persuade me the most. Each model in every advertisement looks flawless and perfect, basically unrealistic. I like your point about how advertisements constantly make consumers feel like they are never good enough and that something could always be better. That is, without a doubt, the biggest influence social media and advertisements have on us today.

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