Suck it up!

I am definitely no stranger to criticism, and having both arts and sports in my life have taught me to toughen up and turn criticism in your favour. I remember learning this lesson on the bench playing soccer at ten years old. Another girl and myself were the top strikers on our team, but we weren’t playing like it, and the coach had no problem telling us exactly how bad we were playing. While the other girl cried, I got angry. I knew I could play better then I was, and there was no reason to keep playing like this. So I took what the coach said, and had the game of my life second half.  

I think I handle criticism pretty good for the most part, and I don’t let it terribly get to me if it’s negative. Either I take it into consideration and use it to improve, or I just don’t agree with it and I like how I am doing things the way they are.  In art, criticism can be simply a difference in style between two designers. It can also be as simple as font being just a little too tight or the colour scheme is too loud. I always take into consideration of what my fellow class mates say about my work, and I apply the changes just to see. There are times when these changes work out for the better, and I’m glad for that second or third opinion. But sometimes I truly believe that my way is working, and have confidence that other people will see my art the way I do.

I believe in graphic design you need criticism to help things be put in perspective. However, you need to have confidence in yourself and your work, and have a little back bone to take in the negative critiques along the way.



One thought on “Suck it up!

  1. That’s a great story about playing soccer. I think you’re right; sports too can make it easier to handle the disappointment and criticism that we so often encounter. You sound as though you were a pretty tough ten year old! I’m sure that characteristic will serve you well.

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