5 Years Down the Road

Recently, in my english class, we were on the topic of job interviews and resumes. It got my teacher wanting us to think about what our ideal job would be, and where we want to be five years from now.

Obviously my ideal job would be to work as a graphic designer in a design firm. I’d like to work in a firm rather then free-lancing because you’d get the opportunities to work with other designers, and move up to higher positions like Art Director. Illustration is a big passion of mine, so I hope to be doing that kind of work more then anything when I’m working. I know that I want to move out of my hometown for better jobs; I’d love to work in a big city in Canada like Ottawa, Toronto, or even move out to B.C and work in Vancouver. Vancouver is somewhere I’ve always wanted to travel to ever since I saw the Winter Olympics, and I could definitely see myself living in Ottawa; I like how it’s a toned down version of Toronto with the same big city feel. As for schooling, I’m happy in the program I’m in at St. Lawrence college, but I’m not stopping there. My school offers some programs where you can go study abroad and get a degree. After looking more into it, I would really like to get a degree in Illustration, and I’ve found a few universities in the U.K that would be promising.

Five years from now, I know for sure I don’t want to be settled down and working a permanent job quite yet. There’s still a lot of experiences, learning, and travelling I wanna do while I still can, and now is the time to do it. Five years from now, I’ll be 23, and still have my whole life ahead of me.



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