Year One DONE

So as of today, my first year of college is officially done! I have to say, it flew by pretty quick, and its weird to think I’m going to be having four month summers now; something I could definitely get used too.

Going into my program, my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be competitive with other students, since the arts is a very competitive world. But I really surprised myself this year with a lot of things. I went from having a PC for most of my life to learning how to use software like Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, and just being able to use a Mac in general. I always had confidence in my drawing abilities, but I had no idea I’d be able to create magazine layouts and posters on the computer like I have in this program. It’s really made me feel more confident in my abilities, and that I’m in the right place and can see myself doing this for living. 

I also started off my year playing varsity soccer. I remember stepping onto the field for our first in season game, and felt a rush I hadn’t felt in a long time playing soccer. I became a starting player, and was never subbed the entire season. We made it all the way to provincials, which apparently hadn’t happened since the eighties. For a rookie, once again it was such an amazing rush for first year. To finish it off, I even got Rookie of The Year at the athletic banquet!

Also, I probably shouldn’t leave out my first hazing party. After taking shots and putting on granny panties, the rookies were put in showers and showered with a huge load of glitter. Yes, its hazing at it’s lightest, but it was another first and a great bonding time with the team.

All in all, I had a great first year of college, and I’m looking forward to going to bed whenever I want, and waking up whenever I want! I for sure won’t miss the late nights wanting to strangle Indesign, and I am welcoming a long summer.


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