Inspiration Everywhere!

It is sometimes really hard to come across design inspiration, and it is always a good thing to look to others and see what creative possibilities are out there. I’m writing because I happen to come across three fantastic design blogs that would be useful for any designer to learn from, and to be inspired from.

The first blog I want to talk about is “Typostrate”; a typography centred blog that aims to show the passion and influence of typography, and that it is not just a branch of graphic design, but a whole league of its own. From providing typographic articles, artists, free fonts, and tips for the craft of typography, this blog is full of content that will inspire and educate you. It even has simple quotes designed in different types to creatively motivate you to get through the day. What amazed me was that it even had a section called the “Typography Lexicon”, which is a typography encyclopedia that has all definitions and typographic terms including baseline, defender, serifs, and so on. If your in a creative stump, or you just have a love for typography, definitely check out this blog.

Another blog that I came across was “Abduzeedo Tutorial”. Created by a group of Brazilian designers, this blog draws from designers worldwide, and aims to be an open channel for designers to learn and communicate. The blog has collections of all types of artwork from logo design to illustration, along with tutorials on today’s most used applications like Illustrator and Photoshop. It even has interviews from successful designers and their stories of success, which is something every designer could relate to.

The final blog I want to talk about is “Just Creative”. This blog was created by Jacob Cass, who has also been on Ted Talks. He not only uses his blog to display his portfolio and for clients, but he also blogs useful information which include graphic design tips, articles and resources that cover all aspects of design. The navigation menu starts with what design category you’d like to look into, and from there gives you a variety of articles you can read about that category.

Overall, I was blown away with all three of these blogs. As a learning designer, some of the articles and artwork they had to share was very inspiring and interesting to read through. I know that if I am having a creative stump I can always reference these blogs for a creative boost.

Here are the blog links you should definitely check out:


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