Disney Type Posters? The Importance of Type Hierarchy!

Some of Gill's Disney Quote Posters
Some of Gill’s Disney Quote Posters

I recently came across some really interesting typography work by Nikita Gill, a designer in the U.K, and I really wanted to share it. Looking at her designs, it really made me think how important and effective type hierarchy is when paired with good fonts and point sizing.

Type hierarchy is a very useful tool in the design industry; you have to know how to place type properly in order to get hired. Font choices are also a really important element to consider. You need to have the right font to be able to create the right feel of the design, as well as attract the viewer to the right type first. Gill’s designs are simple typographic posters of Disney quotes; but the way she uses type hierarchy makes it far more then simple. For Disney quotes, I think her font choices are perfect; they depict that childhood story feel, while also capturing the emotion of the quote as well. Some of her fonts even look hand rendered, which also fits well with the childhood theme. Her backgrounds are one solid colour so that the type and the embroidery around the type aren’t competing with it. I also agree with her type hierarchy completely; the right key words in the quote stand out with either a different font or point size, but not enough to put the whole layout out of balance.

It is all about choosing the right font, and choosing what type attracts the eye first. Personally, I know I sometimes have difficulty with type hierarchy when designing a background to go with it. But seeing in these designs how simply it can be done and how effective it is really helps me understand and appreciate type hierarchy a lot more!

Here’s a link to all of Gill’s work:


One thought on “Disney Type Posters? The Importance of Type Hierarchy!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, it gave good evidence and support to back up why you thought the artist chose each type face. I browsed through the artists posters from the link you posted and I was able to see each type choice more clearly. I like the mix of standard type and hand-rendered looking type, I think it compliments well.

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