Getting Yourself Out There: Having an Online Presence

One thing I’ve come to understand in my program is how important it is to have an online profile for fellow designers and clients to see. It allows us to not only engage with fellow designers, but to also engage with ourselves.

When I first started writing this blog, I was afraid anything I wrote would feel forced; like I would just write to get the grade, not because I was interested. But as I kept improving my writing through blogging about these topics, it made me realize just how passionate I was about graphic design and how much I enjoyed getting my opinion out there. Being able to self reflect on things I learn about design is something that I have grown to appreciate more then I ever thought I would. Blogging has also challenged my writing skills quite a bit in terms of proper grammar. I find once I start writing I have a lot to say, and end up creating run-on sentences or use too many semi-colons (I really wanted to use one in the last sentence, but stopped myself). I think it’s easy to forget that designers also have to be able to write professionally, not just design. What surprised me the most was how you actually do connect to like minded individuals through things like blogs. I never would’ve thought I would get followers from anyone outside of the class.

Overall, I really do enjoy blogging, and appreciate it’s importance. I hope between school, work, and life, that I can fit it in somewhere. I feel like being a graphic designer is going to take me to a lot of exciting places in life, and I hope I can continue sharing what I learn.


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