Illustration Friday: Villain

This is my submission for this weeks theme for illustration Friday: Villain! When the “Maleficent” movie came out in 2014, I truly think the main reason it got so much hype and did so well was because of Angelina Jolie’s look and take on the character. Not only did she act it out so well, but I think her version of Maleficent was one of the most stunning villains I’d ever seen. From the extremely defined cheek bones, blood red lips, and piercing green eyes, I think Maleficent has the perfect look of a villainess that is just as wicked and evil as she is beautiful. I chose to do this in graphite because there were so many dramatic spots of light to dark, especially in the face. Graphite gave the best transition, and it really helped create the tone of the art. I accented the eyes and lips just to give it that extra evil/eerie look. Overall, drawing evil/darker subjects is a really interesting thing to try!Drawing of Maleficent


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