The Stress of Third Year

This school year, I am completing my third and final year in my graphic design program at St. Lawrence College. Of course, the workload was going to be it’s most heavy, and personally for me I have some big decisions I have to start making about what I want to do with my life after college. On top of that, I’m balancing my final year of varsity soccer as well.

I’ve always had a bad habit of procrastination, but I have to admit I definitely feel like the work is hitting the whole class like a tidal wave. What was usually expected in a month or two is now expected in weeks, and we are doing a lot more projects then actually learning. I find myself drinking more coffee then usual (which is normal for a typical designer I guess), and I am pulling off a lot more later nights then I did in second year sooner into the semester. Most of all, I feel like since there is so much work, quality can get sacrificed for quantity, especially for projects that I hit a creative block on.

However, after all the extra coffee and late nights, I am hitting the phase where my work is starting to come together despite the stress; that part always reminds me why I’m in graphic design. There is a lot of high expectations this year, but I truly do feel like I’m going to do some of my best work this year, and graduate with a stellar portfolio. If anything, third year was another crash course on time management; which is something that will improve along with my design skills this year!

Here is an infographic that I found that pretty much nails what designers should be trying to live by in order to make their lives easier:



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