Rules of Professional Conduct

“I will act in the best interest of my clients and/or employers, within the limits of these Rules.”

Recently in my Portfolio Practice class, we have been learning about the RGD rules of professional conduct. This rule I thought was particularly important, since it basically emphasizes how important it is to respect your relationship with your clients and employers.

As graphic designers, we should always keep our client’s business strategies and project progress confidential. We should also be able to be honest with our clients, and make sure they are aware if you happen to be working for any of their competitors. As an employee, we need to be mindful of who we free lance for, and make sure it isn’t taking away business from the firm you work for.

If your aren’t honest with your client, you violate this rule. A good example of this actually happened in a season 6 episode of Mad Men, when SCDP (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Firm) was meeting with the representatives of Heinz Baked Beans and Heinz Ketchup. Heinz Baked Beans, their current and top client, asked the firm not to work with or have contact with Heinz Ketchup for competitive reasons. However, SCDP goes ahead and meets secretly with Heinz Ketchup. This of course ended with Heinz Baked Beans finding out and firing the agency, and SCDP loses both clients. If the people you work with/for don’t trust you, it could really hurt your reputation as a designer and a professional, and may cost you potential jobs.

As a junior designer I will always be honest with my clients and respect their confidentiality, and always be mindful of the clients of my firm. Whether I work at a firm or free lance on the side as well, I want fellow professionals to see me as someone who doesn’t just deliver great design work, but also as someone you can trust to work with.



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