Project Revisit: Process Work #2

For my revisits project, I have made a lot more progress on my book design, while also finishing my second revisit. I have most of the illustrations done for my book, and typesetting with minor changes to the back cover will be the last thing I tweak before the my first revisit is final. These are the full page illustrations I have completed so far:


The illustrations still follow the cover, being flat coloured and more in a planar illustrative style. They are more detailed then the cover, because as you read would read the book you would start to get more detail on the characters. The cover is a silhouette to represent the idea/theme of the story, while the chapter illustrations are of certain characters.My second revisit was for a responsive website design for Jansport The original project was meant to redesign an e-commerce website and re organize it’s content so that it was easier to navigate for users. sherman_h_desktop_home

I chose to revisit this project because I thought it would be a more successful design with subtle changes. I decided that the way the content was organized, what content was being shown, and the font used needed changing. This is how my revisit looks so far:



I designed a homepage, product page, and product detail page for both desktop, tablet, and mobile screens (though the product detail page was only designed for mobile). I changed the font to be less child-like/hand drawn looking to better connect with the young adult target audience, and kept the colours as is. The menu was condensed to what people would look for first, along with adding things such as the Blog and Collections links, which are important elements that need to be easier to find.  The footer was also reordered into different categories, and would only condense into drop down menus when in the mobile version. The option to also sign up user’s emails was put at the bottom with the footer. Other options such as region, store location, and account settings were kept at the top with the search bar. On the home page, any promotions/product sales were moved into one image slider at the top. Usually, additional photos/links on e-commerce home pages just reiterate and link to the same things as the main navigation would. I changed and re organized the content so the home page promoted more elements worth browsing such as best sellers, collections, the blog, and the Jansport Cookbook.  The shopping page had more filter options on the side, while also having icons to filter with at the top of different bag types to shop for.

Based off feedback, my next steps are to refine these two revisits, and also start my third and final revisit. I will finish my last illustrations and begin typesetting my book, along with tweaking the back cover. The only feedback I got for my website was that the bag icons were too big and not necessary. I will likely take the icons away and move the bag filters to the sidebar, with the other filter options. Overall these revisits are coming along well, and my recent feedback will help me refine them and move them along to completion.


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