The Stress of Third Year

This school year, I am completing my third and final year in my graphic design program at St. Lawrence College. Of course, the workload was going to be it’s most heavy, and personally for me I have some big decisions I have to start making about what I want to do with my life after […]

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Illustration Friday: Villain

This is my submission for this weeks theme for illustration Friday: Villain! When the “Maleficent” movie came out in 2014, I truly think the main reason it got so much hype and did so well was because of Angelina Jolie’s look and take on the character. Not only did she act it out so well, […]

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Illustration Friday: Pointy

So I finally got around to posting again; the summer suddenly got super busy, and once again I underestimate how long low poly art takes (this one roughly 3 weeks-ish?). But I’m seriously loving this style of digital art the more I do it. As for the theme, I’m just lucky they’ve been picking themes […]

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Illustration Friday’s: Melt

So this is my submission for this week’s theme: melt! Anyone who is a fan of the Netflix series Daredevil might understand this; it made me think of the theme melt because in the opening credits, it shows Hell’s Kitchen forming with a dripping red liquid that makes it look like everything is forming by […]

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Illustration Friday’s: Pet

Animals have always been my favourite thing to draw since I was a kid, while human parts I still struggle with at times. Still, for not drawing in a while, this turned out to be a fun little illustration! I forget how much to appreciate a simple sketch with just pencils, there is just something […]

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